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Johnnie B. Allen - "Pa Pa Sunny Man" & 
Harmonica Blues Legend - Paul Orta
 "Morning Blues" / Engineer
Walter Nelson 
"Super Sonic" & Soop Dog
"The Zydeco Experience"
Wendy T. Mosely  
"Show of Hope & A Call To Prayer"

Stephen A. Mosely "The Flash" 
CEO - Jazz/Talk Radio
Don Hammock - "The Sarge" 
"The Roller Coaster - POP/R&B"
 Walter Mosely, Jr. - "Baby Luv" 
Equipment Manager/Smooth Jazz
Music Director/Web Designer

Tejas Moor-N-Star - Operations Manager
Talk Radio 
Host -"Tradewinds Of The Ancestors"

Langston Adams III 
"It's The Law"
Tuddy Duriso
"Gravel Road Gospel"
Officer Ricky Antoine - PAPD 
"Ask A Cop Live"
Linda Tait - Lamar State College P.A.
"Small Business Development Report"

Paula Baxter with Compassion Hospice
"Health Watch"
Judge Thomas Gilliam III 
"Here Comes The Judge"
Pioneers Of The Industry -  Lost But Never Forgotten